Fort Scott, KS

| DAY TRIPS | JANUARY 09, 2019

Fort Scott, KS - Fort Scott is a nice drive of about 75 minutes from Big Red Barn, and is full of history, culture and cobblestone streets.  Enjoy the day checking out Fort Scott by visiting some of the following places.


Fort Scott National Park, The story of FortScott is the story of America growingup. When the fort was established in 1842, the nation was still young andconfined largely to the area east of the Mississippi River.Yet within a few years, Fort Scott's soldiers becameinvolved in events that would lead to tremendous spurts of growth and expansion.Free admission, daily guided tours April – October at 11:00am


Gordon Parks Museum, on thecampus of Fort Scott Community College- TheGordon Parks Museum honors the life and work of Gordon Parks,internationally-known photographer, filmmaker, writer, and musician; and to usehis remarkable life story to teach about artistic creativity, culturalawareness, and the role of diversity in our lives.


TheLowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes is headquartered in Fort Scott, Kansas, where our exhibitionspace provides visitors with a dynamic learning experience of Unsung Heroesthroughout history.


Shop, eat and explore the inthe local businesses of the cobblestoned downtown area of Fort Scott, KS.